AbangChu with his brother and sisters I got the best birthday present ever yesterday: my wife delivered a healthy baby boy on the 9th of November, my birthday and my uncle’s birthday. His name is redacted, born 1.30pm, 3.9kg (that’s a little more than 8 and a half pounds for you non-metric people). We opted for elective C-sec since the baby was transverse and never moved into a head-down position. During the procedure we learned why: the baby’s cord was wrapped around his neck AND wrapped around his leg. So I feel very happy that she went that route. After six natural births she deserved a break anyway. She is recuperating well and should be discharged tomorrow.

AbangLong was nearly in tears when he got the news, so long had he been waiting for a baby brother. KakAndak was happy to naik pangkat to KakAndak and pass her former title KakChik to her younger sister.

And in other news, on the same day about an hour after the birth, KakYang, my 6-year-old, got the news that she was accepted into the same magnet school that her older brother and sister attend. Pictures to follow as soon as I catch my breath. Photos are up.

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  1. Congrats brother! That’s great news. We’ve got another boy on the way as well, in early March inshAllah. The umbilical cord thing sounds scary, but I’ve been there too, as Al had his cord wrapped around his neck twice (which wasn’t discovered until the doctor pulled him out).

    Anyway, happy belated birthday to you AND Muhammad Imran. Oh, and your uncle!

  2. Salamu ‘alaykum,

    100000000 mabrooks! May Allah bless the child with fiqh of religion, steadfastness in deen, and good character Amin!

    I’m glad to hear that your wife is ok, and that the baby is well masha’allah! So six kids now masha’allah! That is like a tribe!

  3. Alhamdulillah! That’s wonderful news, that everyone’s alive and healthy. And the 9th is a very good day in my family as well, being the birthday for my dad and his twin brother. So congrats to everyone and we’ll be looking forward to your pics! πŸ™‚

  4. Salaam

    Mabruk! What a treat, born on the same day as Daddy? How sweet! I personally love those November birthdays, My daughter turned 5 today and Saturday was my birthday…in 8 days it is my oldest girls’ bday, Insha’Allah.

    All my best to the family and especially your wife!

  5. Salam,

    Congratulations and happy belated birthday to you! That’s a wonderful news. My salam to Kak Raudzah and your beautiful family! πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks everybody. Raina, Ridhwan remarked that now he’d finally get a chance to use all those boy words, like “he” and “him” and what was that other one? Oh yeah, “his”. Poor guy’s masculine English had been atrophying for lack of use.

  7. Assalamu Alaikum Br., and mubarak to you and your family. Six children, mashaAllah. Two more than I have. I also have the lone son in a sea of girls/women, but now he tells me, “What would I want with a little brother, I’d be at least 13 years older?” And I say, “Spot on! my son, spot on!” And so we remain with four. And Allah is the best of planners.

    Your family is just amazingly beautiful. Love the pics. Take care, and I voted for you

  8. Hah, Ridhwan was grumbling about that too, that now he has a brother it’s too late to be able to wrestle and roughhouse with him. What can I say, we tried and tried to give him a brother sooner, but indeed Allah is the best of planners. Thanks UmmFarouq, and I voted for you too πŸ™‚

  9. My man!! Haha!… May Allah bless this child with health and iman. Amin.

    Glad to see your family is set to take over the world. When things free up, my wife and I look forward to visiting. Detroit expats are becoming the way of the future πŸ™‚

    May Allah continue to bless your family with Islam. Amin.

  10. Askum


    Sorry for my late to congrulate you and your family.

    What a beautiful and health baby you had there. Hope inshALLAH I have one mine soon too.

    Say my salam to your wife.

    The more the merrier.:)

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