Amman, Jordan

Have a look at a terrific set of black & white portraits from the streets of Amman, Jordan, taken by a Malaysian photographer.

In other news, this past Friday was the 10th anniversary of my marriage, walhamdulillah. I wouldn’t change a thing, but 5 (and a half) kids, 4.5 circumnavigations of the planet and 8 changes of address in ten years – whew! I hope the next ten are slightly less hectic.

4 thoughts on “Amman, Jordan

  1. Salaam ‘alaikum. Congrats on your anniversary. Milady and I recently celebrated our fourth. I’m hoping to complete one circumnavigation (I’ve gotten about 2/3 around so far) and, of course, we’d like some kids of our own.

  2. Mabrook and may Allah bless your marriage and strengthen your commitment to each other and to Him.

    It’s half our deen, man. That’s no small feat.

  3. Thank you for the blessings. Insha’allah. I talked to Milady, and she’s willing to take one of the kain batiks. You have my e-mail address?

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