Mujahid fi Sabilillah Matt Savino bin James al-Michigani
Mujahid fi Sabilillah Matt Savino bin James al-Michigani

Michigan, my home state, has a reputation for nurturing right-wing anti-government terrorists. The largest act of domestic terrorism prior to 9/11 was the Oklahoma City bombing that was planned in Michigan and executed in part by Michigan men. They tested their bombs on a farm not far from my parents’ farm in Lapeer County.

Even after that, militia groups continued to thrive in Michigan, which has more active militias than any state in the union but Texas. Now another terrorist cell is in the news, the Hutaree. An extremist Christian militia, they planned to kill police officers and attack Islamic organizations. Their plot was foiled when someone from the cell called a local chapter of the Michigan Militia for assistance. The Michigan Militia leader refused to help and called the State Police. That man, that patriot, was Matt Savino, a veteran of the US Navy and a convert to Islam for over 10 years, may Allah bless and reward him.

Thanks to Sabah of Oy Habibti! for spotting this one.

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  1. maybe I should forward this to CAIR after all. I’m still kind of shocked that no one else has picked up on it. Thanks for the nod. Ma’salaama.

  2. Yup. That’s Matt the Muslim and his righteous AK. It occurred to me that it’s a good thing he didn’t have a few more muslim buddies with him in the militia, or HE’D be the one getting arrested!

  3. Too bad Hutaree did not carry out or even plan to carry out any crimes.

    It was all fabricated!!!

    They’ve been ordered released on bail by a judge and most likely will be cleared of all charges.

    Savino is just a snitch trying to get his 15 minutes of fame by fabricating stories to the FBI. He tried to infiltrate Hutaree years ago but they smelled a rat and refused to let him in then.

    There is more to the story which eventually will come out.

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