KakAndak starts schoolMy fifth child started school this year. She’s going to a different school from her siblings. It is a Ma’had Tahfiz, a school focusing on Quran study, that only started primary school last year. Now they have first and second graders enrolled. They memorize Quran in the morning, and have a normal school day in the afternoon. It’s a long day for a little kid, but they have nap time in the middle, and being a much smaller school it is less chaotic. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it is housed in the lower level of the Sarawak State Mosque, Masjid Jamek. (The Masjid Jamek is a simply gorgeous Central Asian style complex that I’ve photographed and written about before) That means they get to use the main prayer hall for some of their learning activities, and have their playtime on the wide marble veranda. On Saturday mornings they have extra Quran recitation, followed by Tae Kwon Do. Many families come to picnic on the veranda while the students practice their punches and kicks. It makes for a pleasant morning. It’s only temporary, though. There is a brand new facility that has been built next door for the school, since it will outgrow the Mosque’s space when it adds third grade next year. The new place should be opening in a month or two. It looks nice so far from the outside, but it will be sad to leave the Mosque behind.

Tae Kwon Do at the Mosque

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