My students and I dug up several promising new Duranta stumps from the same failing hedge I got my last one. Here they are, freshly dug. They’ve all leafed out by now but you can see the character of the gnarled wood better when they are bare like this. I have only the faintest idea what to do with them after this, but at least I have a year to think about it while they put on some growth.

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  1. My durantha (D. repens) are blooming again with flowers. The culprit was the rumput carpet that grew beneath the durantha, preventing fertilisers from reaching the durantha.

  2. sir, i’m fiano your ex student….
    your post on landscape and plants are very interesting.. it makes me feel like in your landscape class again.
    i just found your from a friend’s blog..
    and attract me to surf it..

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