Translated by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak

Not about martial codes, but more of a guidebook on proper etiquette (adab) in Islam. The biggest focus was on the virtue of generosity. True generosity is giving before your brother is forced to ask, because in asking, the needy one is humiliated by his need. A poem is related:

“The one in embarrassment asked but received nothing, 
For when he weighed what he had received,
His pain was heavier than what had been given to him.”

The Islamic ideal of generosity is then that much harder to attain for those of us who come from “ask” cultures, as opposed to “guess” cultures, an interesting way of thinking about cultural differences that is discussed here.

I enjoyed the book, but would recommend Ghazali’s On the Duties of Brotherhood as a better first book on the topic of adab.

The Way of Sufi Chivalry on Goodreads.

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