Mak has been in the hospital a lot lately. That put the wife and I in a sentimental mood one evening so we put together this video. The music is Khabar Bagi Ibu by the Alleycats.  Here are the lyrics with my translation:

How are you, dear mother
Who I love so much
I have some news for you
About your future daughter-in-law

She’s an ordinary person, nothing special
But healthy and bright
And she’s going to help me
Get through my day-to-day

No need for you to worry about our love
We’ve promised to respect one another
I hope you will throw yellow rice
across the front yard of the house
To welcome the two of us home
O Mother of mine

I love her
Just like dad loves you
And she loves me
Just like you love dad

I love her
Just like dad loves you
And she loves me
Just like you love dad

Ke hadapan ibuku
Yang sangatku cintai
Dengarlah khabar ini
Tentang calon menantu

Orangnya sederhana tidak berlebihan
Tapi cergas serta pintar
Dan dia kan membantu
Dalam urusan seharian

Usahlah engkau bimbang tentang cinta kami
Kami telah berjanji akan saling menghormati
Harap ibu kan taburkan beras kunyit
Di depan halaman rumah
Menyambut kepulangan kami berdua
Oh ibu ku

Ku menyintainya
Seperti ayah menyintaimu
Dan dia menyintaiku
Seperti kau cintakan ayah

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