Allow me to introduce the hottest new game you’ve never heard of!

Littleships: small boats fighting modest battles in diminutive bodies of water.

Imagine Battleships but single-player, and each littleship is a single coordinate. You have 15 shots to sink 5 littleships. Can you do it?

littleships gameplay
You cannot top the intensity of this gameplay.

I wrote Littleships in Python3 as an in-terminal minigame with around 70 lines of code, as part of a course in computer science at Codecademy. The program is written to be easily adjustable. Only three variables need to be set – pond size, number of shots allowed and number of littleships. Features include randomly generated littleships, a shot tracker to prevent duplicate shots, and a validator to ensure shots are within bounds. Check out the source code on GitHub.

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