Project: Littleships

Allow me to introduce the hottest new game you’ve never heard of! Littleships: small boats fighting modest battles in diminutive bodies of water. Imagine Battleships but single-player, and each littleship is a single coordinate. You have 15 shots to sink 5 littleships. Can you do it? I wrote Littleships in Python3 as an in-terminal minigame […]

Awal Muharram

The first day of the Islamic New Year is a national holiday in Malaysia, but it usually passes unremarked. This year, the State Mosque decided to host a day of activities on the grounds around the mosque. It was grand: there was a marathon, sports competitions, a bazaar, a stage with silat, traditional dance and […]

Counting Chickens

Our flock of chickens had been cruelly bereft of it’s younger generation when last I wrote. Rooster and hen were the only survivors of cat attacks that carried off five promising young chicks. The two parents seemed to get over it and took to roaming about my yard, scattering mulch as they dug little holes […]