Ramadan in Malaysia

“Ramadan through the eyes of foreigners in Malaysia” :: Borneo Post. I’m one of the foreigners interviewed.  The article also ran in Bahasa Malaysia as “Ramadan Menerusi Kaca Mata Warga Asing Di Malaysia.”   Ramadan through the eyes of foreigners in Malaysia Posted on August 5, 2013, Monday KUALA LUMPUR:  Zikir, which occurs before the start… More Ramadan in Malaysia

Nifs ul-Sha’ban

Driving eastbound to my home at maghrib time just now I saw the moon hanging full and low, slightly orange in color, shining bright. Alhamdulillah, tonight is Nifs ul-Sha’ban, the middle of the month. Only two weeks left until Holy Ramadan. Tomorrow is a day RasulAllah often fasted, in a month he fasted much. Don’t… More Nifs ul-Sha’ban