Wahhabis in Kurdish Iraq Wahhabism

Wahhabis in Kurdish Iraq

Wahhabism is so strong in the US because there’s very little shared memory of what traditional Islam should be. So we’re happy to hold hands with everybody in the interests of Muslim unity. But the article above shows how Wahhabism stands out in stark contrast to the lived Islam of the Kurdish community. Sadly, impoverished as they are, they have little way to resist the flood.

“Islam and Judaism and Christianity have flourished together in this region for more than 1,400 years,” said Mullah Mohammad Akrey, the most senior cleric in the group. “These Wahabis are not Muslims and do not represent Islam.”
“…the mullahs told me that their countrymen had accepted the Saudi mosques for a simple reason — they couldn’t afford to build their own. But Mullah Talat Mantiq bitterly pointed out that in the years before the establishment of the U.N. Oil for Food Program in 1996, when people in the region were starving, the Saudis were building mosques — but were not, however, donating food, clothing or medicine.” Money with big strings attached. Similar is what happened in Bosnia, where centuries-old masjids built by the Ottomans, damaged by the war, were demolished and rebuilt as white-walled pillboxes.

Dr. Jihad and the Intellectual

Dr. Jihad and the Intellectual Muslim Guerillas

Jeremiah McAuliffe had the coolest name in all of Rock Music, hands down. I’d learn to play an instrument if I could be an Intellectual Muslim Guerilla. Sadly, after September 11, McAuliffe retired the band. But he’s still making music, and his IMG collection is still available. Check out Hey Neo-Salafi!

Hey! Hey!heyHey! Neo-Salafi!
the past meets the present in a conflict of ways
mass delusion fosters puritanical ways
the orthodox joy in retreat and unknown
tunnel vision substitutes for singing that song

big oil fuels the dispersal of “grace”
harsh look judgment call no smile on the face…

Can I get a takbir? Allahu Akbar!

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