I’m vibing again off of Ideofact’s last post, where he mentions the particular Arabian region of Najd, the homeland of Ibn Abdul Wahhab. It reminded me of an article I read a while back at Masud Ahmed Khan’s excellent website. Written by Karim Fenari, it describes the narrations of the Holy Prophet regarding that region: […]

Different Ethnic Enclave, Same Creeping Wahhabism

Cinderella Bloggerfeller has just translated from the French [a scholar lives!] a newspaper article about the muslim Chams of Cambodia. What a fascinating group of people; I never knew they existed. The bad news is wahhabis are already there, apparently, up to their same tricks. Read all about it here. Cindy hit two interests of […]

Interview with Stephen Schwartz

The National Review has an interview with Stephen Schwartz about his new book “The Two Faces of Islam: The House of Sa’ud from Tradition to Terror.” I’ll have to check out the book. The interview by itself is informative. He gives a rundown of wahhabi influence country by country around the globe, clarifies the reasons […]

Wahhabism: Ideology of Discontent

Radio Free Europe has a very interesting article by Robert Bruce Ware on the repudiation of wahhabism in Daghestan, the province neighboring Chechnya. The article shows that muslims in Daghestan are content to remain part of the Russian Federation, despite what bad blood may remain from the past, since they are free to practice their […]

White Warriors with Paradise Sabres

Following up on the Chechnya post, here are a few more resources that I googled up: On the Web! More on Wahhabi penetration in the Caucasus: In 1999, RFE/RL correspondent Oleg Kusov interviewed young people in Gudermes, the second-largest town in Chechnya. They told him they would follow the Wahhabi principles because the Wahhabis gave […]