Different Ethnic Enclave, Same Creeping Wahhabism

Cinderella Bloggerfeller has just translated from the French [a scholar lives!] a newspaper article about the muslim Chams of Cambodia. What a fascinating group of people; I never knew they existed. The bad news is wahhabis are already there, apparently, up to their same tricks. Read all about it here.

Cindy hit two interests of mine at once, the muslim world and obscure tribes. For obscure tribes in the US, a recent thread at metafilter is a goldmine. It deals mainly with various “tri-racial isolates”, intermixings of whites, indians and blacks, that created their own communities for a time. Some are apocryphal, some well-documented. It also talks about the various muslim groups made it to the New World one way or another. I imagine most people are aware that a considerable percentage of black slaves were muslim. But what about the Melungeons? If the theory that I have heard is to be believed, Spanish muslims fleeing the inquisition sailed to the New World attempting to find refuge. This would have been contemporaneous with Columbus. These people were identified as moors by the Spainards and were hunted and killed. But some remnants survived, most notably in the Ozarks. The link from metafilter puts forward a few other theories. What can one learn from this? I don’t know, but it sure is interesting. History is Whose Story, after all.