Garam di laut, asam di darat

Di dalam kuali bertemu juga

Limes* from dry land, salt from the sea

In the pot may meet eventually

After ten years, I’ll finally be returning to the motherland with my whole family.  Five of my children have never set foot in the US before.  Of all the difficulties inherent in an international marriage, the constant separation from half one’s family has been by far the most difficult for us.  For five years, we endured it with her side, and now for ten we’ve endured it with mine.  But O happy day!  We fly on Monday for a one-month trip.  When next I write, it should be from Three Roods Farm. 7 children on a 36-hour voyage:  May Allah have mercy on us.


Asam di darat

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* Asam refers to any sour ingredient in Malay cooking, from limes to mangoes to tamarind to kelubi.

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Previous journeys to the motherland.


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  1. Bon voyage Zayn, Kak Raudhah and little ones. May the journey home to your loved ones be a safe one. Insya Allah!


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