My wife gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday, 26 June at 11.25pm. She and the baby are both well and have already returned home after one night in the hospital. It was a long and difficult labor but the baby was born naturally, weighing 4.0kg (8.8lbs), our biggest yet. We have named her… More KakAndak


Dear Friends and Relations, may Peace be upon you all, Our baby was born this morning at 7:07 am April 7th Malaysian time. She is a baby girl. Her name means “radiant one”, but in the family she has the title KakUda, meaning “Fourth Daughter” and that’s what I’ll be using on the web for… More KakUda


Maybe I’m out of touch with what’s happenin’ on the playground back in the States. But I can tell you what is on the minds of every 4- to 7-year-old kid I’ve met here… More Beyblade!


KakYang entered the world on 20 February 2003, making me a father for the third time. She opened her eyes wide and stared right at me as I called the Iqama in her ears. Now she and Ibu are recuperating at home. Here in Malaysia it is customary for the mother to remain confined in… More KakYang