Who among you be Ailanthus, The Witness-Who-Reaches High? If you question, you are elm beaten down by exhaust or calloused feet If you spring up in expectance, you are the frond of Ailanthus Absurd in its giving Of shade to the dreamless street. Who among you be Ailanthus, The Witness-Who-Reaches-High? Who among you be fair… More Witness

Ailanthus: a poem

By John Marin —————————————————– AILANTHUS Please take a moment and think about the Ailanthus. No-one plans it. No-one plants it. No-one waters, Or prunes, Or sprays it, Or gives it plant food or weed killer or even manure. It squeezes between tall buildings, Through sidewalk gratings, And cracks in concrete, And in angles of fences… More Ailanthus: a poem