MNRTF Ballot Passed The link

MNRTF Ballot Passed The link is to Rails to Trails, a very hardwording non-profit boosting trail initiatives nationwide. If you visit parks in Michigan, be they local, county or state, you’ve benefited from the MNRTF. There’s hardly a single significant park acquisition or expansion that hasn’t been partly funded through this program. I voted for […]

*Ahem* My dear friends and

*Ahem* My dear friends and relations, my dedicated readership (Hi Mom), I am pleased to present to you Ha! I have arrived. This is by far the best ten bucks I ever spent. Please note that you can still reach this site by the mile-long comcast url for now, but in a few short […]

Forgotten Detroit This is a

Forgotten Detroit This is a very nicely designed site that showcases ruins and vacant buildings of Detroit. The photography is excellent, and the commentary is well-informed, too. I was always aware of the vacant lots, junkyards, burned down and abandoned homes that are all over Detroit. Even downtown has gaping holes where buildings once were. […] – A call for – A call for jihad — special reports from the Pittsburgh Trib The Pittsburgh Tribune published more than a half-dozen articles on jihadi activity in the Pittsburgh area. Each one is enough to be deeply troubling on its own. Read together, they are damning. I won’t quote from the pieces at length, but one […]