An Annotated List

Ethnicities, Nationalities and/or Socially Constructed Identities That I’ve Been Mistaken For Put on a kufi and grow a beard and it becomes harder and harder to take advantage of institutionalized white privilege. Middle Eastern I’m sure all the converts have gotten that one before. Turkish The late Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani (q) emerged from a… More An Annotated List

White Minority

Sharon Gallagher is white but she knows what it is like to be part of an ethnic minority. For the past 18 months she has lived with her three children in the predominantly Asian district of Manningham in Bradford. This was once a white area, but over the past 30 years most of the whites… More White Minority

Breaking News

The office of the Islamic Assembly of North America was finally raided by the FBI last Wednesday Feb. 26th. Terrible adab though it may be to rejoice at another’s misfortune, I can barely contain the glee I’m feeling after hearing the news. Regular readers may remember that I’ve blogged about the IANA before. Based right… More Breaking News