The Last Jews of Penang

Not very long ago, a small but thriving community of Jews called the island of Penang their home. With a presence spanning across two centuries, this little-known but truly Malaysian community eventually vanished, but traces remain! With prose by Zayn Gregory accessible even to goys of all ages, and beautiful illustrations by Arif Rafhan, The […]

Bila Mitos Malas Bermula | Episod 16

Apakah dinyatakan oleh penjajah dalam rekod sejarah tentang Melayu malas? Bilakah mitos bermula? Apakah keadaan masyarakat Melayu pada peringkat awal penjajahan?  Dengarlah jawapan Syed Hussein Alatas.

America Bombs Indonesia over Drug Deal Gone Bad … in 1832

American troops bombed and invaded Aceh in 1832, becoming the USA’s first military intervention in Asia.  The affair began with the Friendship, a trading vessel flying American colors, coming to port in Kuala Batu, Aceh on the 7th of February 1831.  This was not unusual as American merchant ships had been trading regularly on the western […]