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Hidupnya Insan

My favorite definition of poetry is “Compact Emotion”. So when I found that my translations are mulitiplying the word count at least three or five times, I knew right there I’m losing something. This is the last of the lyrical pieces on the “Pelita Hidup” album, and for me it was the hardest. I think I’ll go back to nursery rhymes after this; it’s more at my level. Anyone know where to get lyrics for “Bangau O Bangau”?

Hijjaz – Hidupnya Insan

Hidupnya insan
Tiada yang abadi
Menunggu saat panggilan azali
Hilanglah nafas tak bergerak lagi
Tanah perkuburan kita bersemadi

This worldly life
Is not forever
Waiting for the moment of the call to eternity
Lose your breath, no more movement
In the cemetery soil we rest

Ya Tuhan…. Ya Allah….ya rahman….
Ampuni kami

O God…. O Allah…. O Most Merciful….
Forgive us

Mayat terbujur telah dikafan
Dibawa pergi sanak saudara
Di kubur tempat akhir pesanan
Tinggal di dalam gelapgelita

The corpse lies outstretched enshrouded
Carried down by our kindred
In the grave is the final place
Left alone inside the total darkness

Ya Tuhan… Ya Allah…ya Rahman
Ampunilah kami

O God…. O Allah…. O Most Merciful….
Forgive us

Talkin dibaca ingatan diberi
Kepada semua yang hidup lagi
Jadikanlah tauladan kesedaran diri
Kubur yang sempit siksa sekali

Prayers are read, a reminder is given
To all who still live
Let it be a good example for our own awareness
That the grave is the narrowest suffering-place of all