Malaysian Nasheed - Raihan

Pearl of Faith

Raihan’s first and most successful album Puji-pujian released in 1997. It could have been a phenomenon all by itself, but in fact it appeared simultaneously with two other amazing albums of original Malaysian nasheed, Cahaya Ilahi by Hijjaz and a self-titled album by Rabbani. Together the three albums transformed Malaysian pop music, becoming the top-sellingest local records before or since.  The music industry rushed to create a category for them just to give them a music award, and proceeded to produce increasingly plastic imitation bands in their wake.  It is hard to believe nearly 20 years have passed. The Malaysian nasyid moment appears to be gone; the most popular religious music artist in Malaysia now is Maher Zain, a foreigner.  As their international presence has faded, websites that once existed just to translate the lyrics of Hijaz, Raihan and Rabbani have vanished from the internet. Bin Gregory Productions is left to fill the gap.

Pearl of Faith

Iman Mutiara

Faith is a pearl
In the hearts of humanity
Who of Allah have certainty 
Most Holy, Most Powerful

Iman adalah mutiara
Di dalam hati manusia
Yang menyakini Allah
Maha Esa Maha Kuasa

How can you, without faith
Feel your servanthood to Him
How can you, without faith 
Become a righteous servant of the Lord

Tanpamu iman bagaimanalah
Merasa diri hamba padaNya
Tanpamu iman bagimanalah
Menjadi hamba Allah yang bertaqwa

Faith cannot be inherited
From a righteous father
It cannot be bought or sold
Nor found washed upon the shore

Iman tak dapat diwarisi
Dari seorang ayah yang bertaqwa
Ia tak dapat dijual beli
Ia tiada di tepian pantai

By any means whatsoever
Though you may climb the highest mountain
Though you may cross an ocean of fire
Still it cannot be possessed

If you do not return unto the Lord (x 5)

Walau apapun caranya jua
Engkau mendaki gunung yang tinggi
Engkau merentas lautan api
Namun tak dapat jua dimiliki

Jika tidak kembali pada Allah (x 5)



Original Malay Lyrics found at Lirik Lagu

English Translation (c) Bin Gregory Productions