A Home in Kuching

I resigned from my job yesterday. What a great feeling. I’d been there over two years, which is the longest I’ve ever worked anywhere. It was a good job; people were friendly and relaxed, and I could go to Friday prayers without any hassle. I probably wouldn’t have left for any other reason than this… More A Home in Kuching


First, a quick update on the travel plans: After the shock of The Midnight Fax wore off, we were able to get in touch with the university and plead for mercy. Their hearts were not unmoved, and gave as a month reprieve to set our affairs in order. So for the moment, our departure looks… More Moving

Boris speaks

So I was having this conversation with an atheist from Russia about how I wanted to live in Malaysia. I can’t blame him his perspective; he’d moved from arguably the worst place on earth to arguably the best. So he told me this story. I wasn’t swayed, mind you, but it bears repeating: A man… More Boris speaks

Testosterone: Chemical Fountainhead of the Nafs

The always entertaining This American Life had a great radio show last Friday. I only caught the first segment, unfortunately, but it was fantastic. They interviewed a man whose body did not produce testosterone for 4 months. The result? Total Loss of Desire. Not just sex. All of it. For everything. More amazing: everything he… More Testosterone: Chemical Fountainhead of the Nafs