Boris speaks

So I was having this conversation with an atheist from Russia about how I wanted to live in Malaysia. I can’t blame him his perspective; he’d moved from arguably the worst place on earth to arguably the best. So he told me this story. I wasn’t swayed, mind you, but it bears repeating: A man… More Boris speaks

Testosterone: Chemical Fountainhead of the Nafs

The always entertaining This American Life had a great radio show last Friday. I only caught the first segment, unfortunately, but it was fantastic. They interviewed a man whose body did not produce testosterone for 4 months. The result? Total Loss of Desire. Not just sex. All of it. For everything. More amazing: everything he… More Testosterone: Chemical Fountainhead of the Nafs

The Big Move

The Big Move Time is moving quickly. The exact date is constantly morphing, but March is a late as it could be, and it could be as early as December. Suddenly, dozens of tasks are popping up. Everything from the hugely obvious (finishing that thesis) to the easily overlooked (laminate those birth certificates) are now… More The Big Move