Better than Hip-Hop

A little while ago, the Malaysian Music Awards were on TV. At the moment I tuned in, the winners for the Rap category were being introduced. Pop Shuvit, they call themselves. I cringed to see these jokers come on stage with their pants sagging, jewerly blinging and hair done up in cornrolls. They rap in… More Better than Hip-Hop

Malaysian Nasheed

[UPDATE: I have gone on to translate a fair number of Malaysian nasheeds and pop tunes.  You can browse them with the nasheed and nasyid tags, check out the language category, or do a site search for things like lyrics.] I just can’t keep up with the number of new music groups singing nasheed here in… More Malaysian Nasheed

Mawlid from Malaysia

I was browsing through my site stats and noticed that somebody had found my site by googling for “Nasheed and Mawlid from Malaysia”. Now that is a visitor I don’t want to disappoint! So I’ve collected what I could find on the subject: Alhamdulillah, recitation of praise on the Prophet (saws) is regularly practiced in… More Mawlid from Malaysia